The Rosie Project: Good Reads, Good Life


How about reading a fiction novel, upvoted by Bill Gates? The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion on my reading list was as a result of the recommendation.

Something which stuck with me after reading this book was that ‘You don’t find love, love finds you.’ I identified with Don quite a bit, since I too am guilty of designing a questionnaire for The Soulmate Project (partially designed – Section 1: Qualifying criteria questions which if successful leads to Section 2, having roughly 120 yes-no/ objective type questions. Section 3 was yet to be designed) 😛

I’m sharing a few lines from the book which I highlighted along with my read, which meant something deep and meaningful for me:







I couldn’t exactly put to words my feelings after reading this book – all I can say is that it touched me. DEEPLY. We all have “an idea of love”, of how our perfect partner “should/ would be”. But would that perfect person we desire make us truly happy? Isn’t compatibility something more thing much more complex than a questionnaire to filter out unsuitable prospects and reduce the rate of Type1 error? Is love rational? How do you fall “in love” with someone “totally unsuitable”?

Love is acceptance, as is. Love is the fun shared in trying new things. Love is being amazed by another person. Love is the crazy, stupid things you do for them. Love is going out of your way for someone’s happiness. Love is wanting to change yourself for the better. For them. Love is when everyone else becomes irrelevant. Permanently.

The Rosie Project is a perfect holiday read. By the time I read close to 15% of the book, I already sent a hardcopy as a surprise Christmas present.

There are books, you don’t find; they find you and touch your soul!

3 thoughts on “The Rosie Project: Good Reads, Good Life

  1. We will always attract the path to love. Yes it has some rather large bumps along it, but without the bumps we will not appreciate the destination…and let go our expectations built on our fears ❤️
    May your path be smooth Himali, at least to rest our hearts for a while so we can appreciate what went before ❤️


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