Making friends after college!


I’m really gonna miss this place… I’m gonna miss my college days!

You’ve got a friend in me/When the road looks rough ahead/And you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed/You just remember what your old pal said/Boy, you’ve got a friend in me…

Aren’t the friends we made as kids in school and young adults in college so dear to our hearts!? I certainly hold a strong affinity for my school and college friends 🙂 The connections we make in those years are so hard to forge!

As an adult, making friends and meaningful connections is not that straight forward. Our rational side almost kicks in or we tend to not take the first step for saying a hello. As we grow up, move cities, change jobs, assume our “adult responsibilities” in life – life gets busy and we often find ourselves in situations where we are away from the friends we grew up with or that we/ they’ve moved to a different phase of life and we find it incredibly hard to meet/ talk as often.

Having friends who we connect with is so essential! So how do we build meaningful friendships as an adult? The answer is simple –

We find people we love, doing things we love! 

Don’t be afraid to go say ‘Hi”!

It is that simple yet complicated. We need to get moving from our zone of not doing things we love just for the excuse of “lack of company”. When we put ourselves out there, we connect with people at the same frequency! I made some very close friends starting out as a newbie blogger 5 years back. When we meet someone new, just a warm greeting with a genuine smile can breakdown all mental barriers and be the first step for a conversation that lasts hours.

A decade back, I met my best friends sitting in the library cafeteria bogged down by statistical integration problems, by just approaching 2 strangers who looked like engineering students and asking them if either of them could look at my assignment and loan me some help. All of us ended up studying together for our exams that summer and aced it with brilliant grades!

It is that simple 🙂 Do what you love and just go say “Hello” to people around!

6 thoughts on “Making friends after college!

  1. Isn’t this just so true!! We don’t need to be best friends with everyone we encounter. But simply connecting on a kindness level makes others like ourselves feel comfortable and adds joy to be with people in general. It also takes the fear of meeting new people. Happy New Year, Himali💖

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