25 thoughts on “First YouTube video!

  1. Himali, you did wonderfully! I am excited about seeing and hearing you live. You are so right, we may make plans and then life happens or we find excuses not to start with what we actually would love to do. Or as you said, forcing ourselves to do what we actually don’t like to do… once we make the decision to go for it and make the first step, everything else just follows and the fear or doubts dissolve. Or as you said, “once you show up, life shows up for you”!

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  2. Kudos Himali on showing up and taking action on your bucket list. I’m not sure I could do a live video. It’s nice to see and hear you live. May you continue to show up and inspire others with your courage, honesty, and joy. Big hugs!

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  3. the video was ‘cuteness personified’, the sweet voice compliments the kind hearted person you are. You’re gonna be a youTube star soon Himzzz, but we want you more as a blogger. You’re a blogger at heart, maybe a you-tuber by passion 🙂
    Lovely seeing you almost LIVE.

    – Savio

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