What no one tells you about Following Your Excitement


A while back, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend and we spoke about Passion vs Ambition. Both of us identified ourselves as passionate people, who prefer doing things we feel “interest” towards, people who start projects and activities out of sheer joy and excitement.

We shared the same set of struggles and emotional highs with our passion interests. We identified ourselves as starters and not necessarily finishers. Chaos was the order in life. It is messy, but personally even the mess is meaningful to us. It is like we know where exactly to find the needle we are looking for in the stack of hay, though to any other naked eye it appears to be disorganized, the layout is in fact neatly tucked in our mind’s safe space, protected from the views of the judging world. Doing what makes us happy, felt such a high – an elated sense of enthusiasm and never-ending energy flowing through the veins. What people struggle to accomplish in months, we do it in a few days. Even the lack of external motivation or appreciation doesn’t necessarily deter us. WE DO WHAT WE DO BECAUSE WE LOVE DOING WHAT WE DO. Fear doesn’t cripple or stop us, everything is worth the risk to take. THE PURPOSE IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE WHEN WE FEEL INSPIRED. We make things fun. Even the boring bits of stuff. And when we find a person who inspires us, we cling on to them for being in the mental state of inspired “high”. We act unstoppable. Creativity at its peak 🙂

However, passion comes with its own challenges too. When you follow your excitement, what no one tells you is that there are also periods of emotional lows. The highs are exhilarating while the troughs are steep and deep. We struggle to complete everything. Sometimes the chaos of reading 4 books at a time is so insane that we do not complete either of them. It is difficult to get us in action in the absence of a strong source of inspiration.

What we jointly concluded on our discussion is that for any project to be successful, it makes perfect sense to pair Passion (starters) with Ambition (finishers). The Ambitionist will keep the creative Passionista in check and will enforce deadlines, goals and milestones to ensure they remain on track! This will ensure that the project “ends beautifully”. The creative combustion fuelled by the Passionista is channeled to the right direction by the Strategist for the desired end result. The Passionista needs to be pushed and pulled when they experience slumps and needs to be believed in, even when they do not believe in themselves.

I take this profound lesson not just to put to use at work and projects, but also relationships and other areas of life. Seek for people who will challenge you, compliment your weak spots, think differently than you. Similarities attract, but it is differences that create value and helps create sustainable growth 🙂

Much Love from the Sandy Beaches,
Himali ❤

7 thoughts on “What no one tells you about Following Your Excitement

  1. All Humans Are Stars in the Feel and Sense of
    Life that We Create and Radiate Energy for ourselves
    and truly the Rest of Nature in a Force of Living Sunshine
    That All Existence Radiates And Experiences that one may Go
    As Far as labeling with a Word as Small as ‘God’ However This
    Energy We Experience
    This Sunshine We
    Radiate is truly
    limitless when
    in Balance of Focus
    When We as Human Beings
    Experience Cognitive Executive
    Functioning With a Mind and Body
    That is All Lit Up in Synchrony in terms
    of What Humans Describe as Generally
    SpeaKinG Flow,Tao, Prana, Satori, Chi,
    Ka, Ki, Qi, Being in the Holy and Sacred
    Creative Spirit as American Indians and
    Even Christians who are more mystically
    oriented may Describe this State of Being
    That Fulfills so much more of our Human Potentials..
    With the Addition of a Scientist Created Term of ‘Autotelic’
    Which Means We Master through Bio-Feedback our Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones through some Meditative Practice to Generate our
    Own Happiness within in Balance that carries us through our passions now
    in balance where our Ambition need not run out of the Fuel of this Sunshine
    We Make to fuel our practices of Life in Greater and Greater Complexity of
    Achieving even more amazing results of Life in Human potential… SMiLes
    as you know.. 12,669 Miles of Public Meditative Dance that is a mix of
    Free Ballet and Martial Arts works for me to achieve this Sunshine
    Balance Flow Focused State of Being as this practice for me
    consistently now in 77 Months produces a way that
    i will consistently count on that keeps me in flow
    with a balance of Happiness too that i control
    for when i get too high or get too low i bring
    myself back into focus of flow through
    the power of my Mind the Sunshine
    that is focused and no longer
    diffuse spread out
    so far in so many
    distractions of life… NoW
    One with the word of each
    and every song as Writing in Flow 77
    Months.. 7.7 MiLLioN Words is Meditation too…
    One with every step of every Dance yes in Flow of laser
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    of what i feel and sense through the Flow of the Song of my
    Words that is Naturally Poetic in this state of being in deed
    whether words
    or steps
    they may
    come next..
    it is the feeling and
    the sense of the Moment the FORCE
    of the Present gift that at the pinnacle
    of the experience is ‘non-knowing’ just
    Experiencing the Flow of Life.. Yet Achieving
    Results that are way beyond one’s wildest imagination
    to the point that one sheds spiritual tears of happiness in
    Peak of experience that only relaxes as one Dances a Tight Rope Free..
    but of course this is now.. before was much different as in my life as assessed
    with Bi-Polar Disorder.. i’ve experienced Highs that are so high that they were literally
    Painful that actually made me scream to the sky.. and lows so low that even any Demon
    would Fear to Tread in a place of no fear and no hope either.. but on the other hand you
    know what.. i’m glad i went to those places in life.. as not everyone will have the actual
    empathy of sympathy to truly understand how difficult both Hell and Heaven and
    Purgatory on this Earth will be to Deal with within and with this understanding
    does come the kind of forgiveness that will never send even ‘the
    Devil’ to Hell always holding out Hope for Rehabilitation
    from Dark back to Light again..
    For Compassion
    combines Balance of
    Passion with Understanding
    that allows us to step out of someone
    else’s dark and shine more light lest
    we fall in their darkness and are not
    able to help them.. this is the kind
    of Unconditional Love my Mother
    Showed me no matter how
    dark my days and
    nights were
    no matter
    how much
    i wanted to
    die she was there
    she never left and nah..
    she never gave up hope on
    me it’s true my Greatest Ambition
    is to Love Like that for this is the Highest Star
    for me no matter what i may accomplish in Life…
    Thanks for the very inspiring post.. i do relate to the Highs and Lows of
    Life and OMG a really lifelong case of challenging ADHD that is mostly
    not even part of my life now for all that Human Potential is focused Now..
    That is what i wish for you my Friend.. Sunshine that You Master.. Give
    And Share
    never ending
    practice when life
    in deed becomes a never
    ending story of Star Sunshine in Balance..
    Planets we are revolving around each other in
    Peace and Harmony of Light that is pure Love..
    Where truly we may Name each other Super Men and or Women for REAL..
    OBTW missed Your Blog Posts they are always so inspiring to me.. Keep inspiring Star!

    Keep Shining!


  2. It is true. I am a passionate person too. And even when I need to do things I don’t like that much I try to tune in to a positive approach and try to like it anyway which always enhances the quality and therefore my joy doing what I do. But as you said, even when doing things you are passionate about there can be lows, for example when you are studying something there can be dry periods. But they are helpful to review why you are doing it or why you started doing it and that way you can activate your passion again.
    I like how you said that it needs both (which proves what I just said). It is the Yin and Yang. There needs to be a balance or we would either soar up in the clouds or be glued down to the floor.
    Great and inspiring post, Himali, thank you!

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  3. I’m glad you’ve found a way to counter your passions with ambition to find completion Himali. I alternate roles, with a tendency to be more in the practical side lately. Maybe I just need to play in the sand a while!
    Happy creating!


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