YouTube Archive! Birthday Trip to Seychelles


Last November, I made a fun solo trip to Seychelles on my pre-birthday weekend! Met a lovely traveler lady at my hotel and an amazing local tour guide – she took us sightseeing, clicked us both tons of photos and overall we had so much fun!

I made this short little YouTube video to capture the beauty of the country from my lens and all the fun I had. It was a totally unplanned trip. I packed way too much stuff than I needed (lol), dined at a lovely Indian restaurant there, had coconut water, made sandcastles on the beach, played with a ball, ate loads at the buffet breakfast and took super long walks by the beach.

Watch my video here:

For souvenirs, I kept is simple – a Seychelles keychain for my brother, some black pepper from a spice garden for mom, a little postcard and a lovely silver sea turtle pendant for myself from the airport duty-free store.

Right now, amidst this COVID-19 pandemic and all borders locked down, I so much value and treasure my travels, something I took for granted. I so ache to visit my parents in India and my brother in the US. I hope and pray for good health and safety of one and all on this planet Earth.

Dear God, 
Do not bring us to the test,
But deliver us from evil,

18 thoughts on “YouTube Archive! Birthday Trip to Seychelles

  1. Such a beautiful video, Himali! I’d love to visit the Seychelles some day. Such an exotic destination. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, and let’s pray that this scourge leaves this planet soon. ❤

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  2. I am happy for you that you did this trip and all by yourself. Truly unforgettable to tell from the video and your words. This is another proof that we must not postpone anything we want to do. You never know … Stay healthy, dear Himali 💖

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  3. First of all.. i encourage You to Continue to keep making
    YouTube Videos You Have A Beautiful Eye for the Visual Arts..
    Secondly.. We aRe aLL Travelers of The Soul The HeART
    The Spirit The Body Whole At Best Soul All God Mind Us True
    to Be i am as You and me
    We All Are Free…
    i was Just telling
    A School Friend Last
    Evening who i have known
    for 4 Decades How i used to
    Be So Uncomfortable in my
    Body And So Social Anxious
    In any New Social Situation
    still totally Hidden from them…
    my God at Your Age such
    A Beautiful Solo Journey
    Was Well Beyond any
    Possibility for my
    Then on the
    Autism Spectrum…
    In Fact there were some
    Days i wondered in my 40’s
    if i could even find a thing to say
    All Day at Work.. in Meetings with
    my Boss and Peers it would be an Hour
    before i could find a thing to say and Yes
    this was in my late 40’s.. i so hoped one day
    i could do all the things other folks found so easy
    to do.. fortunately for me i could solve almost any Systemizing
    Problems that didn’t take a Whole Lot of Social Interaction.. but i was
    Good at Smiling And Being Happy And Being Nice to People like saying
    Have a Nice Day.. Take it easy.. and Helping people with all their problems
    with Computers..including the ones at the Military Bowling Center i worked at
    for almost 2 Decades until getting Promoted for my Problem Solving Skills.. haha
    to Athletic
    Director of
    the Military Installation…
    They Called Me a Valuable
    Commodity Human would
    Have Been Nicer really as
    Last Kid picked on Sports
    Teams having no idea of the
    rules of all the Team Sports…
    but yet i survived.. i survived until
    i fell off the Face of the Earth with
    So Much Stress as Athletic Director
    is a Very Very Social Skills Demanding Position including
    solving all the Problems in Analytical Ways of Intelligence…
    Smiles.. My FRiEnD Then on July 19th.. 2013 a Real Miracle
    Happened.. Not Only did 19 Medical Disorders go away Standing
    on a Beach that Day All the Pain and Numb Just Drifting away
    one with Waves and Emerald Green Gulf.. Sea Oats Swaying
    Seagulls Spiraling Around the Sun One i became with all
    of that and so much More that day rising out of Ashes
    No Longer the Old Fred Something Brand New
    Like a Katie Mia Frederick Where Katie Means
    Pure and Mia Means Close to God and Frederick
    Literally Means Peaceful Ruler but only ruling
    the Peace
    of me
    then Just a Traveler
    of Soul who felt like
    An ExtraTerrestrial
    Finally finding His
    Way Back Home…
    SMiLes mY
    My HeART
    Light is always on Dancing
    And Singing Smiling So Very
    Happy Now i am Home Yes
    No Matter WHere i go i am
    EVeRYWHeRE i am FRiEnDS
    Best FRiEnDS Now With God WiTHiN
    i haven’t had many FRiEnDS in Life who
    have taken the time/effort to get to understand me…
    And Even Stick Around More than one Visit with me… Rainbows Beyond Now
    Those who Do Are Travelers of Gold Within my Soul i appreciate so very much..:)

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  4. Must have felt like an adventure. Talking about Corona, I have a mixed feelings. I feel bad for the loss of lives but at the same time, it brought nature some hope. I really want the nature to reclaim it’s lost beauty and I want people to understand how important the co existence of all species on the planet is. I also think that this is just a beginning. Nature is coming for us. 🙂

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    • I sure think nature has the time to rejuvenate and come back to life. We’ve polluted the cities so much! There was this news of dolphins and swans in Venice being spotted after ages! So happy to hear that. Even a lot of birds are seen in India!

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