QuaranTeam: Be the best YOU – 2!

“Do it because it is WHO YOU ARE.”
― Himali

I made a little video sharing my Quarantine Routine 🙂 You can watch it here!

We aren’t apart. We are all waves in one ocean, connected to each other. Technology has got us great connectedness, right from calls to instant texting to know about our dear ones. Inner peace is bliss. Stay safe, keep calm. Good vibes and love ❤
#oneforall #allforone #togethernessbyhearts #stayathome #virtualhugsxx #togetherness #digitallyconnected


Much Love and prayers,

32 thoughts on “QuaranTeam: Be the best YOU – 2!

  1. Well said Himali. We do indeed require some structure mainly because we have never been through something like this before. But like all adventures we need to have faith in ourselves to take those steps, try each one until we are comfortable in what we have built…and understand that we will most certainly appreciate what we are now building because of what it has taken to get here.
    Much love and light to you and blessings for sharing your heart with others 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. You are so right, Himali, the more we have to do the more we keep going. And that is what makes us feel content with ourselves. I am still working down my (already existing) to-do-list. And thank God, I can do it a little more peaceful these days. I can concentrate better on the matter and that’s why the quality also rises and why I am done faster. These days help me a lot, to be honest. I could get so much done and I am looking forward to the first day when I can say: “Perhaps, I am going to sit in my garden for reading a book.”
    I loved the core message, we are truly not alone. Thanks to modern technology the world has gotten a smaller place to stay in touch whenever and wherever.
    Much love to you, Himali 💖

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    • You are one of the most humble yet wonderfully efficient and productive people I know! I admire everything you do, your consistency and your dedication. This is what makes you so so special ❤ Keep doing what you do, loving what you do and continue spreading your light with us ❤ 🙂

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      • You manage to make me speechless time and time again, Himali. You know, for far too long I tried to extinguish that inner fire because I was too afraid to let it burn. But once I felt its warmth I would never let anyone try to dim it. Although it can be a blessing and a curse when you have so many ideas and visions you would love to realize. I think sorting out and setting priorities patiently is my real challenge and lesson to learn… lol!
        Thank you so much for your always so lovely and compassionate words, Himali 💖

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        • You’re amazing and never let that fire inside of your heart die! That’s what makes you YOU. I too take inspiration from your energy and drive. Keep it up. So proud of you ❤️💜💙

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          • I have not planned on hiding it. But words like yours are the fuel that keeps it burn a lot higher. Thank you very much, dear Himali. Again, you are a gem that inspires us to sparkle brighter 💖💖💖

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  3. Haha, you are so right about the to-do list. I put lists into my to-do list like shopping lists and yeah, I also put routine activities like shaving and house cleaning on my list. I better not share my weird to-do list on public platform. 😂 Good to see you. Have a nice day. 🙂

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  4. Well done Himali! Like you … I have a “To Do” list and, whereas it certainly keeps me on track (most of the time), I find it very motivating to look back at the items that have been completed. They are probably the motivation to continue, and give a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Keep it up and take care. 🙂

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  5. Wonderful, Himali. I don’t have a to-do list mostly due to me still working through this. But when I get some time off, I’ll be back in the studio writing and recording music.

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  6. I look forward to seeing your videos on YouTube,I have mine over there as well and will bring more over here,you are very inspiring and a soulful being and I appreciate you and admire your gifts, peace and the best always

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