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Morning scenes! #theBefore

For a year or so, I became a regular coffee drinker. It started off with Cold coffee Thursdays and then ramped up a bit, notch by notch.

I was hooked onto 2 cups of Nespresso coffee for a while and those capsules ran out. Then I switched to regular Nescafe. What started off with 1-2 teaspoons a day with milk usually 2x a day –> then progressed to 1-2 teaspoons a day of black coffee –> 2 cups of Nespresso –> 3 teaspoons black Nescafe –> to a whooping 5 teaspoons to my cup of black coffee EVERY weekday morning! On weekends, I’d be off coffee.

Then, I started working from home since the last week. I had a cup of single-serve black coffee the first two days and on the third morning, I just decided to skip coffee without much of a thought. That day went super sluggish and unproductive. The next morning again, I did not have any coffee and by evening, I had worsened. I was experiencing blues and laziness like never before. I felt unmotivated the entire time, not knowing what was it that caused this sudden dip in my productivity. That afternoon, I casually googled “no coffee – effects” without any expectations. And BOOM! I could put a finger to what exactly was the trigger for my sudden drop in energy levels. I was experiencing – CAFFEINE WITHDRAWL.

Yes! You read it right. Caffeine is highly addictive, like cocaine, like nicotine or alcohol. Coffee is a LEGIT LEGALLY SOLD DRUG! No wonder we’re so hooked and addicted to it. Over a period of time, our bodies get immune to its dosage and we start consuming more and more caffeine to get the same effects as before. It is called – the tolerance effect. The more I read about the scientific literature, research and experiences of coffee drinkers and quitters, the more I felt convinced to QUIT THIS ADDICTION FOR GOOD.

The first few days have been very hard for me. It has been 10 days now since I had my last cup of coffee. I’ve instead switched to green tea and herbal teas (thyme, chamomile) to keep myself hydrated.

Positive effects for quitting coffee:

  • I feel much calmer and less anxious
  • Better quality deep sleep
  • Ability to focus and be motivated is more intrinsic than substance dependant
  • My bowel movements are gradually regularizing without the stimulant! 😀
  • I no longer feel like I’m dependent or addicted to something without which I can’t start my mornings yawn-free
  • Learning to “give-up” and “let go” of what doesn’t serve me 🙂 (Of course I had to be philosophical about it ;))

#IQUIT Challenge:

I sincerely encourage you to do this #IQuit experiment in your life! Find 1 thing in your life, which you can let go of, for good. FOR LIFE. No looking back. Remember, consumption is eventually a choice. It can be added sugar, coffee, cigarette or something else. Substitute it with something healthier, a better alternative.

Comment below if you would like to give this a try and what would it be that you’d want to consider letting go of 🙂

Stay healthy,

H i m  a l i ❤

10 thoughts on “I Quit Coffee! – Live Healthy

  1. Hehe.. i thought it would be a Good Idea if You
    Quit Drinking Coffee And Created More Blog
    Posts and YouTube Videos.. Smiles.. i gave
    Up Dancing Until 3 AM
    Until Further Notice
    From the Government…
    i replaced it with Dancing
    Around the Neighborhood
    Block.. i’ve already seen my
    Sister who Lives Next Door
    More than like the last 2 or so
    Years in the Last 2 Weeks.. Haha..
    She is like one of the Most
    Introverted People You
    Might Imagine..
    No Change
    Forecast for That
    As That’s the Way She Likes it…
    Anyway.. i don’t mind Switch Hitting
    to Introvert More Again it’s very Relaxing..
    But It Does Make Focusing a Bit Harder ..
    Actually i’ve Been Craving Coffee.. Haha..
    But i’m
    Not totally
    Giving up
    Dancing in
    Public For Coffee..;)

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  2. Fortunately I am not addicted to anything that is harmful. I am a tea person but can live without it too. The past couple of years taught me much more about diets, thanks to my health issues. 😂 Never been into drugs, smoking, alcohol or even non-vegetarian food. Ah, I am proud of myself for that. Talking about challenge, I wish I could reduce the amount of sleep I take. My sleep requirement is more and I won’t function well if I don’t take enough sleep. However, with all the experiences I can say that I can do well with short sleeps but not for long days. So, that’s it from my end. And, yeah it seems you did not quit drinking coffee, you quit eating coffee. 5 teaspoons 😂 Good wishes for the continuity. 🙂

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    • WOW. I am impressed! You certainly are super healthy – not having any substance addictions. Sleep – in a way is healthy unless extremely overdone (which I too am guilty of at times). lol the 5 teaspoons was a bit extreme 😛 Now I am doing fine with none 🙂


    • Haha. It has indeed been difficult for me too. Especially drastically cutting down to zero! I guess this stay at home has been helpful to some extent. I am able to feel naturally alert with some morning stretching and green tea. 🙂


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