A smile for you!


Amidst all the terrifying news and fear surrounding us – right from the health and safety of ourselves and the ones we love, home quarantine, worry about the economy, etc. – I wanted to share something which made me smile today and made me reflect the deeper meaning to life.

April is my nephew – Veer’s birthday month, who will turn 6 this year. Months in advance, I made a little promise to give him a surprise visit for his birthday! Everything in the world has changed in the last few weeks. Of course, there is no chance of me being “there” to celebrate his birthday. So many of us are away from our loved ones and would really want to be with our families and friends – including me!

I was feeling especially disappointed with not being able to keep my promise. And then… My sister-in-law sends me the below picture on WhatsApp. It is a little teddy bear (one which I gifted Veer) sitting in the lap of a bigger, cute furry bear. It really touched me.


HOW I SAW IT – I saw it symbolically as my little nephew cuddling in my lap. I felt closer to him, to everyone I love. It made me smile. I hope this picture brings you a smile and lights up your day, as it did to me 🙂 #countyourblessings

We all are so lucky to live in a virtually connected world. In essence, we are all waves in one ocean – everyone is perenially connected to everyone else. We are never apart.

There is no seperation. The “other” is also the “self”.

H i m a l i ❤ 

14 thoughts on “A smile for you!

  1. Yes, I was about to leave to my hometown just before the situation got worse but for some reason I couldn’t. I felt disappointed but the technology keeps us close and I could not thank more. I like to stay connected with my people so may it be virtually, it is no less than good. Stay safe 🙂

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. There is always a way to show and celebrate closeness. A lockdown in this technical well developed time cannot cut each other off. Separation like togetherness is an inner decision. Much love to you, Himali 💖

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