The Joy is in the Journey!


There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. The last is much the worst, the last is a real tragedy . . .

– Oscar Wilde

Reading the above quote can be perplexing. Not getting what you want, can certainly be a tragedy. But how can getting what you want, be a greater one?

I’ve always been a goal-oriented person, a person who loves challenges and works with the end result in mind. The problem with this approach is that when you are constantly working for a planned future, you somehow forget living in the moment. We tend to place so much importance on our goals, put them on a pedestal of our “future happiness” that it creates a sort of imbalance. It makes setbacks and failures, excruciatingly hard. Achievement of the goal is so hyped, that even when we actually do achieve them, the sense of happiness we thought it would bring, is just so fleeting. I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum.

On so many projects, when I couldn’t get the desired outcome, I would be left in tears and disappointment. Little did I know that sometimes not getting what you want is also a wonderful stroke of luck. Because there are far bigger and better things planned by destiny. I remember back in 2014, there was a job interview I was absolutely keen to crack and I got a rejection call from the recruiter. It absolutely broke my heart. Failed relationships, careers that didn’t work, trips that got canceled – life brings disappointments in various forms.

On the other hand, there have been massive successes, achievements, and dreams that came to reality. Things I always wanted and now could get for myself. And when I did actually got these things, goals to reality, it didn’t quite bring as much or as long the happiness which I associated them to bring to my life. It was quite the opposite in fact. Getting what I always wanted, pushed that sense of happiness I was chasing farther away. The actual feeling doesn’t quite live up to the psychological hype created in my mind. I’ve also had instances when after I get what I was so madly chasing for a long time, I no longer need/ want it because it isn’t something that gives me “what I was looking for” – happiness and contentment. We usually want something, only until we don’t actually have it!

So then, what is the key? What is happiness? Is it even real? Does it even exist? Like if we say that failure isn’t the real killer and success isn’t the assured, then what is this mystical happiness?


It is so important to be grateful in the present moment for what we already have and choosing to be happy despite what we think is missing and what we think might make us happy – because to be honest, it won’t!

The real joy is the people and relationships in our life. The path and this travel! Nothing in life is permanent, the only thing we have is the present moment 🙂


22 thoughts on “The Joy is in the Journey!

  1. When discussing happiness, I am reminded of the “new car syndrome”. Typically we are excited at the thought of getting a new car, and are so happy when we are given the keys and drive it home. We love the feel of something so new. We love the new smells, and everywhere inside is spotless! Everything is perfect.

    A year later, it is just a car. It maybe has a small scratch or dent. It has lost those “new car” aromas. It is quite simply just a tool which allows us to travel freely.

    So I think that when we talk about happiness, we should immediately separate short term happiness (treating ourselves), from long term happiness.

    Short term happiness can be bought. Long term happiness cannot be bought, because it is dependent on being happy with oneself. Below is a link to Part 1 of a 6-part exercise which will alert the participant to areas of their life that could be improved. It draws the participants attention to areas of their life which are important to them, but are perhaps being neglected.

    Note: I did not create the 6-Part exercise. I did however participate in it and found it extremely enlightening and invaluable.

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  2. “To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour”

    -William Blake

    That’s The Easy Part…

    Showing someone else how
    to Do it is the Heaviest Cross oF All
    But Actually The Statement Above is
    Incomplete Eternity Is Always Now It Will
    Be Short As Now Or Eternally Forever Connections
    From Head to Toe Literally as Many as Science Will
    Identify as Numbers of Stars in Space in Metaphor We
    Are Literal Christmas Trees Lighting as Many of those Connections
    Up Now in Synergy Beyond Measure Of Multi-Universes Is Key and
    Then there are the
    Endless Colors
    of Each
    That Never
    Start or Never
    End Forever Now
    The Greatest Part of It
    Is Our Stars Are Not Fixed
    Above We Create all the Colors
    And Points of Life to Feel and Sense Eternally Within
    Now.. Smiles.. too many Colors oF Lights For Goals my FRiEnD
    i Barely Have Enough Time To Celebrate Where i am Now With SMiLes
    in FacT
    i have
    No Time
    As Now is Forever….
    But Back to the Quote
    Most Folks Have not Visited ‘This place’ ‘Their Place’
    A Place of Eternity That is up to them to Create or Not Now.

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  3. Wise words young lady. We are forever looking for those things that we think will bring us that happiness we always seek. It isn’t until we stop looking ‘out there’ and realise that what we have been after is gently waiting inside do we come to that inner peace.
    Yes, the journey is the masterstroke, it takes us to that point that says whoa, this isn’t me. But we must reach that point to appreciate what it has taken to get there.
    Take a bow Himali, that little heart within will ever guide you home on exactly the journey you need 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  4. Very thought provoking piece! I think it applies to so many aspects of life, whether it be with regards to your career, a new car (a beautiful analogy I saw in the comments) or a relationship (is your goal to be a wife and mother and / or a loving partner helping nurture and grow your relationship).Thank you for sharing. I think that is important to enjoy the journey and also celebrate when you achieve your goals.

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  5. Really enjoyed reading your post. I have followed your blog for more such posts in future. I have started blogging recently and would be happy if you could visit my blog and give your genuine feedback on my content and follow too. Thanks


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