A poem: It worries me!


A month back, I jotted down a little poem (after a very very long time) which summarized how I felt then – worried! All nations were shutting down their borders and shelter in place orders were announced everywhere.

That morning, I was trying to reach my mom and dad over WhatsApp and their phones just gave a single tick for hours. Hours later I hear from them that they had gone grocery shopping at one of the most populous wholesale markets in the city. I really wanted them to stay indoors and especially avoid such overly crowded locations. There were some uncertainties of borders closing down where I was and lockdown announcements in India. I tried talking to two of my friends and due to poor connection issues, I wasn’t able to have a single proper phone call to know what exactly was happening in India. In addition, I was so worried about a friend who I was not very much in touch with, but who lived in one of the badly hit locations.

I felt really concerned about the health and safety of everyone I cared about and almost broke down into panic that afternoon. THEN, that evening – my friends and parents talk to me casually as if no big deal and tell me that this is how exactly they would feel when my phone would get out of reach/ with no internet connection when I’d just go about doing my thing being a digital nomad 😛 TIT FOR TAT. Finally, I get it! 🙂 *Sigh of relief*

My poem is as below: It worries me

I am safe out here,
So far, so good,
But, it worries me,
To not know, if you are ok.

I may not tell you,
Of all the times,
Your thought crosses my mind.

As emotional as it may sound,
Your health, safety and joy,
Is something, I deeply care about.

You’re in my prayers,
And loving thoughts,
Like a ripple in the sea.

Far apart by miles,
But you are never,
Apart from my heart.

Hours, days or weeks,
From when we spoke last,
I wish that,
Time ceased to exist,
Between the moments,
I don’t hear from you,
For they seem infinite.

Darling, you are precious to me,
Far more than you will ever know.
Every time I text you a “Hi”,
I hope you know the turmoil,
And that, I dearly love you!

– Himali Shah

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