Willingness > Ability


“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”
― Meister Eckhart

“Do you know how to do xx?”

“I don’t know how to do it, but I am willing to learn. I may not have the ability AS OF NOW, BUT I want to learn and I will learn it.”

Willingness is a much greater asset than talent or ability. It enables you to be humble. Be a beginner, be a learner, be hungry and curious for knowledge.

If you have the willingness, the ability can easily be cultivated. 

Willingness > Ability. The wisest, will not just test you for your ability; rather your willingness and the sincerity thereof. If you have the willingness, not only can you learn something new, but also improve your game. Be willing. Ability will follow.

8 thoughts on “Willingness > Ability

  1. SMiLes.. the Downtown River Front
    Road i am Raised on Is Literally Named
    “Willing Street” So Hehe ‘Willing’ Is Where
    i come from Name of A Tree But i Will it otherwise now…
    As Synchronicity Will Have it Earlier today i Wrote These
    Words Below and Attached it to my Facebook Avatar in Two Places…
    “HuMaN Naked Raw Determination It Is What It Is Will of Faith Without
    Fear Total Focus In Flow Love For Meeting Human Potential We Do IT NoW”
    I’ll Call it Lesson 154 For Metrics of Continuing Achievement of Human Potential as i Grow…
    As i Grow
    As i Grow
    There Generally SPeaKinG are
    Two Kinds of Folks.. Those Who are
    Afraid of Change With Little Will to Adapt And Progress
    Who are ‘Older Testament Kind of Folks’ and of course those
    Who Make A Newer Testament of Life In Change Fresh Out of Every thing they do Free Now
    in Flow Sweet Spot ‘tween Anxiety and Every Increasing Complexity.. The More Will
    A Person Develops the Further Folks Around them Fall Behind.. The Person with the
    Most Will
    Will Almost
    Surely Climb A Mountain
    Above Never Reaching the Top
    With Those Below With Lesser Will
    Losing Sight of Heights They Continue
    to Grow Reaching Peaks And Plateaus
    And Climbing No Further.. Smiles my FRiEnD
    Yet if no one Grows
    Who Will Climb
    The Mountain
    Who Will..
    But There is
    No Will Without Do
    The First Step is the Last
    Step The Way Will Breathes.
    Other Than That the Common Twitter
    Version of Will And The Willingness of Do
    is “Eye of Tiger RiSinG Above Tides” Master
    of Tides my Friend The Calm of the Center of the
    Hurricane… Will Is Easy Will Is Effortless Will is Just Do..
    A First Step is to do What You Are Most Afraid of And Do That Again..
    is Nothing
    Left to Be Afraid of…
    Illusory At Least my FRiEnD..
    One Day List all the Fears You
    Have Determine Which ones are
    Not Real and Do them until they Die and You Breathe Free..
    As Far as i Will See You are already accomplishing this Ahead
    of ‘the Game’
    But of course
    i really
    to anyone
    But Will My FRiEnD..:)

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