Laughter :)


“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”
― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”
― Audrey Hepburn

It is 7 pm and I am fanatically checking work emails, setting up some updates, sending meeting invites and getting geared up for a team meeting the next morning. Lastly, I send a catch-up meeting invite to my colleague and our boss for later this week and a bunch of email updates. Relieved, that I am finally done for the day, I pick up the call and dial in my best friend.

*Chime* I get a notification on my laptop. It’s the boss. I mindlessly open the mail, expecting some sort of QnA on my earlier emails. It is a reply-all to me and my colleague: “3 am is too early for me.” 

In all the rush, I didn’t realize I was sending a meeting invite for 3 AM instead of 3 PM 😛 I tell this to my friend and we both are laughing non-stop like crazy for over 5 minutes. OH MY GOD! Himali – please double-check meeting timings before sending invites 😀 I quickly reschedule the invite and fix the miss!

It is moments like these when you let yourself laugh and simply enjoy the present moment that aren’t just precious, but priceless. 🙂 Never forget to look at the bright side of life!

Smiles, laughter & love ❤ 🙂


11 thoughts on “Laughter :)

  1. SMiLes.. ‘The Working World’ ‘These Days’
    Doesn’t Often Lend Minutes to Develop Existential
    Intelligences.. Blogging Is an Excellent Avenue A Way
    To Celebrate All
    of the Human Conditions
    We Meet And Greet In Life
    To Overcome The DarK And
    Yes To Celebrate All the little
    Things that in Synergy MaKinG
    LiFE So Great! Glad! to See
    You Celebrating This way
    On Your Blog! SpeaKinG
    of Work And Not Work
    For Pay as Where i
    am From any Life
    Spent Not
    Pay Is Judged
    As a ‘Fool’s Overture’
    Just A Waste As Dollar
    Rules as God Even in Church
    Activities.. Anyway reading Your
    Blog Post i took short Note as i saw
    This Notification Dancing Around the
    Neighborhood Block for a Couple of Miles
    With Katrina And Sister That Oh My Gosh Where
    Did the Time go 13 Straight Hours of Work for No Pay
    All the Way from 7 AM to 8 PM And really i Never Stopped
    Entertaining Anyone Still Awake in the Neighborhood With
    A Slow Dance of Break.. but Not Break Dancing As the
    Asphalt Road Is too Hard and 240 Pounds Is too
    Much to Spin on my Head Haha.. Anyway
    When one Works to Celebrate Life to
    Give and Share to Others
    Simply For the
    Gift Of Life
    There is No Time
    No Place No Distance
    No Matter at All As the
    Soul Expands More Even
    Beyond Measure of Infinity Love
    as an illusory Construct of Measure
    Center Point Existence All in All Eternally
    Now The Price of Joy My FRiEnD With No Fear..
    Anyway today is the 12th-Year Anniversary from
    When i Finally Agreed to Go to the Hospital
    For Relief of No Sleep Just 1 Hour Each
    Night of Cardboard Shallow Sleep for
    the First 35 Days of 40 Taking then
    An Alpha Blocker to even get that
    With 19 Life Threatening
    in Synergy Disorders
    including the
    Worst pain
    Known to
    Coming from
    11 Years Yes of
    Chronic to Acute
    As Yes Stress Is Cumulative
    And Is the Real Origin of Most
    Disease that is not a result of Viruses
    From Encroaching On the Home of Wild
    Animals That only Wanna Be Free From
    The Virus of Humanity As Earth Day on the 22nd
    of this Month does most definitely relate.. Anyway the
    Last 5 of the 40 Days No Sleep At All as if the Worst
    Pain known to Humankind Wasn’t Enough Dysautonomia
    where My Blood Pressure No Longer In Autonomic Way
    Would Synch With my Heart Beat to Get Blood
    To even Go to my Brain ugh almost
    Passing out every Hour i stood
    up or even sat up.. the
    Alpha Blocker
    Slowed my
    Heart Rate
    Just Enough to close
    my eyes in Just that one
    Hour of Cardboard Shallow Sleep..
    the Last 5 Days with no Sleep A Thousand
    Years In every Second Hell.. God There are
    some experiences in Life Where Death is Heaven..
    The Worst Part No Memory if i ever felt a Smile at all..
    Anyway the Hospital Saved me to make a longer story
    much shorter as i still had 63 out of 66 Months More
    to go With the Worst Pain Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia Literally assessed as worse than
    the Torture of Crucifixion From Wake
    to Sleep.. No Other Real Escape
    but Sleep as No Drug would
    Help the Dentist Drill
    in my Right Eye
    and Ear if
    you can
    that much pain…
    Obviously.. You’ve Heard
    Most of this Story before i tell
    it again particularly on Anniversary
    Of Hell Dates Like this as when i was
    in that place i couldn’t find a single person
    to relate to the Extent of Hell i was going through
    even a glimmer of hope will save a life.. i for one
    Understand that Most.. And this is why i Celebrate Life
    Not Just a Little Bit Fire Hose on Full Blast Loving iT All..:)

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  2. Yes, it is in these moments that we find life more joyful. There is one friend of mine with whom I laugh a lot and always have a happy face when I with him. We are blessed to have such friends. 🙂 And your early is my late for the meeting. 😂 Timings. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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