I’m Awesome!


“Hey, how are you?”

Me: “Heyyy! I’m awesoooome 🙂 Wbu?”

True story. Story of my life 😀

Every time someone asks me a casual “how are you?”, by far THIS is my default response. It is pretty much natural! NO – I don’t reply “Fine” or “Good’. I think life is so blessed and beautiful and us just being able to see a new every day is such a gift! ❤

A month and a half back, my mentor wrote an introduction email about me to one of his colleagues. It was supposed to be a formal introductory email. One sentence from the email stood out to me. It read:

“Himali is an awesome person, ……”

I was touched and felt humbled. And then, something inside of me instantly switched. I started to view myself differently. AWESOME. I repeated the words over and over again to myself until it was how exactly I felt about my own self. “I AM AWESOME”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to brag about myself. But, I think that how we view ourselves, our self-esteem, our self-worth, our self-image – all of this is super important. If we undermine ourselves, don’t see ourselves as worthy or deserving, who will? If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will? If we don’t love ourselves, who will?

Be your own cheerleader.

Be your biggest fan!

Treat yourself like someone you love.

Often, we are super kind and generous to other people. Help and support them, but apply a different kind of “self-talk”. We need to be loving and kind to ourselves. See ourselves as worth and lovable first, rather than expecting others to love and respect us.

You can not give from an empty cup.

Give from your overflow, not the depths of your well.

YOU are the prize.


6 thoughts on “I’m Awesome!

  1. Words of Affirmation Come And Go
    Particularly If One Forges New Paths
    Awe Feel We Create Remains No
    One Will
    Take Away
    SMiLes Now
    LeSSoN 172
    Never Running
    Out of Numbers
    Thank You For
    Inspiring These
    Words For Inspiration
    Indeed is Essence Now Of
    Awe FeeL.. SMiLes And then
    THeRE is ‘Frission’.. Google It if
    You Will Experience of Divine Tears
    Electricity of Ecstasy FLoWinG Through
    Every Connection of Our Soul Head to toe
    Pyramid Capstone of Awe My FRiEnD As
    We Come to Feel Life As LiTeRaLLY DiViNE
    Sadly Science Shows Closed Minded Folks
    Are Often Incapable of Feeling Divine Frission
    For the Sublime Beauty of the Breath This Rare
    Planet Lives as Far as Nouns Go Awesome is Literally
    Our Inheritance Star Flowers Seeds We Are Resurrecting
    From Gaseous Dust of Star Death Crucible Fire Explosions
    Iron From Super Novas
    In Core of This Living
    EartH FLoWinG
    Through Our
    of Star
    Seeds Us
    As Far As Science
    Aided Eyes See Yet
    To find A Planet Like Ours
    That Breathes Blessing Blissing
    Birthright Real This iNHeRiTanCE
    of Star FLoWeR Seed EarTH And All
    That Exists As ALL ENTiRE Existence Creating
    This Gift… In Deed THiS HEaVeN for those With
    ‘Eyes’ and ‘Ears’ Who Actually Feel The DiViNE WiTHiN
    Essence of God Breathes Nature’s Spiritual Tears On God’s
    Cheeks God’s Hands God’s Eyes And Ears Yes This Heaven for those who See
    And not Only That Now Is Forever When Divine Comes to Breathe Beyond Beauty Sublime
    You Are Awesome.
    And i Do Believe THeRE
    IS A MeMe And THeMe Song
    For This Breath.. i Feel NoW..
    SMiLeS It Is The Happiest And
    Saddest Song For i So Wish Others
    Will One Day See What i See And FeeL iT too..
    Happy EartH
    Day MaY ETeRNaLLy
    Life Be This Way For You Now


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