Pursue “Meaning”!

I loved the below quote! It signifies to me the importance of delayed gratification in life. Purpose over pleasure. The law of compounding returns => The Delayed Mirror Effect!

To keep myself motivated, I made the below cover picture, to set as my phone home screen 🙂 The picture was taken on a three-day adventure trip which involved walking in a stream of freshwater, hiking, camping,  mountain climbing, a visit to a waterfall and various gardens.

It was my very first time living in the wilderness with a huge group of strangers. We hiked in the rains, watched the sunset from a hill, endured the storm while on an uphill climb, took pictures with mountain goats and horses, fetched buckets of water, got feet and sneakers all muddy and dirty, washed hands with a facewash when we didn’t have handsoap 😛 By the end of each night, I’d be so exhausted with the days activities I’d instantly fall asleep in my sleeping bag and wake up to the sunrise with the dewdrops and chilly breeze. I made some amazing new friends after a long time, shared headphones with a stranger to listen to music as my phone was low on battery, and got treats of ice cream and chocolates! SO MUCH FUN ❤


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