Rejections are Detours!


Acceptance of rejections and reflection thereof can bring so much clarity in life. On what you really want, who you are, and what you value. Not getting what you want, can actually bring you one step closer to what you really want and deserve. Endure the heartbreak with grace and humility and know that density has much grander plans for you! 🙂

Perfectly summed up:

“Rejections are detours.

It hurts, but it directs us to where we won’t have to be rejected anymore.

When rejection is followed by reflection, it could lead to acceptance that things need not always have to go our way because it is going a better way.”


8 thoughts on “Rejections are Detours!

  1. SMiLes.. It’s Interesting.. some Theories of Quantum
    Mechanics Suggest It is Repulsion of Gravity.. Not
    Actual Attraction of Gravity in Black Holes that
    May Actually Birth Whole New Universes
    Through the Interplay of Opposites in Spin
    And Torsion.. So Yes Above So Below
    Within.. Inside.. Outside And All
    Around Nature Is truly Reflecting ALL
    In Patterns of All We Do and in what
    i do being so out of ‘the Box’.. Both in Dance
    And Song.. i face the reality of Rejection almost
    Everyday.. However.. Not unlike the Interplay of
    Spin and Torsion of my Dance.. the Repulsion Rejection
    Brings so Far away From Attraction and Acceptance Now..
    I find Always
    A Powerful
    DarK Muse
    to take me
    to Heights of Inspiration
    IN Creativity Where In deed
    Dark Becomes Light as Dark
    Muse in some cases at least
    May be More Powerful than Light
    Muse that may eventually lead otherwise
    to Instant Gratification And Eventual Apathy about Life..
    But Of course Intermittent Gratification is the Most Powerful
    incentive to MoVE iN Life while Instant Gratification may Lead
    to Folks
    in Their
    Until Carts
    must Carry them
    even to Buy Groceries..
    Yes.. Rejection Inspires at
    Least for those who wanna
    Grow and are not afraid of the
    Discomfort of ‘Bootcamp Soul’ When it comes…:)


  2. Thoughtful post Himali. Yes, once you experience heartbreaks, you know how much value they carry. They are important in their own ways and without them we would miss on so much in life. 🙂


  3. Self reflection is such a beautiful human trait. It’s really sad that there are some that are so self absorbed that they’ll never consider it. Thanks for this inspirational post, Himali.


  4. This reminds me of the three answers God gives.
    God only has three answers: Yes / Not yet / I have something better for you
    It is true. A rejection should make us rather curious than sad, desperate, or frustrated. To tell from my own experience, after a rejection something even more beautiful has shown up which would have never been discovered if the rejection did not have happened. There is a reason for everything that happens and if something we hope or wish for doesn’t develop the way we want, it only is that way because we would leave the path we are meant to follow. A whish not fulfilled can be the greater blessing than a wish fulfilled. Beautiful post, Himali💖


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