The Happyness Project 2020 – Emotional Distancing


Who makes you happy??

—  Look at the person in the mirror! — 

We don’t need “much” to feel “happy”! 


Emotional Distancing:

Over the past few months, I’ve learned something important. Not everyone will be there for you when you really do “need” them. Not everyone will care about you and “show” you their love in ways you “want”. You will be lost and lonely at times. Deserted and abandoned when you are the weakest and most vulnerable. Your love and kindness will be returned with silence. People who will lead you on and then suddenly walk away without any explanation or warnings. Who will set high expectations with their actions with no intentions of follow through. That’s what is crossing boundaries! To lead someone INTENTIONALLY, knowing you are going to break their expectations. It’s like being left in the middle of a strange road at the darkest hour of the night.  There will be times when nothing makes sense. Things will seem to fall apart in all areas of your life.

What I’ve experienced is that the “soul” is divine and precious. It needs to not only be nourished BUT ALSO protected. We need more emotional distancing and not just social distancing in this world – from anything/ any person who we feel is toxic to our lives. We need to let go of things that no longer serve instead of trying hard to hold on.

Have healthy boundaries with people AND IMPLEMENT THEM. It may hurt initially, but you get used to it and like everything, you will get better with time and practice. Trust the process and learn to let go.

Learn being stoic and calm. Not acting on what you feel, instead act on what you think is rational and logical. PRACTICE RATIONAL DETACHMENT.


“Never let hard lessons harden your heart; the hard lessons of life are meant to make you better, not bitter.”

– Roy T. Bennett

  • Life is beautiful because….. you are in good health.
  • Life is beautiful because….. you know that happiness begins with you!
  • Life is beautiful because….. you know how to be grateful FOR EVERYTHING.
  • Life is beautiful because….. you have people who “care” ❤
  • Life is beautiful because….. you have interests and a passion you love!
  • Life is beautiful because….. you see beauty and joy in little things.
  • Life is beautiful because….. you love to give.
  • Life is beautiful because….. you have things and people to look forward to.
  • Life is beautiful because….. YOU HAVE YOU ❤
  • Life is beautiful because….. YOU CHOOSE IT TO BE BEAUTIFUL 😀


3 thoughts on “The Happyness Project 2020 – Emotional Distancing

  1. SMiLes.. Mirrors Are Invented 200 Years Ago..
    Before That We Saw Ourselves in The Reflections
    of Standing Rain Water.. Streams.. Rivers And Shallows
    of Ocean Whole.. As Much as i enjoy Playing
    With Mirrors
    i still See
    myself as the
    Ocean it makes me Feel
    Small Enough to See It All..
    i Try Not to Be Concerned about
    Distancing Myself From People
    The Ocean Is always Enough..
    And People Are
    The Rain
    Come and Go
    And That’s Just the Way
    Life is.. My God There are
    so many Rain Drops..
    i am Very Thankful
    For the
    For Rain
    Always Returns
    As far as i Feel..:)


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