Sometimes life throws us unspeakable challenges

When life throws you lemons
Everyone tells you to make lemonade!
Like it’s easy, a jiff of air.

Life throws us unspeakable challenges.
Leaves you feeling flawed and guilty.
Misunderstood, when you need kindness the most.
Unloved, when a little love is all you need.

In testing times like these…
Take some time off to be bored.
To observe your thoughts in silence.
Open up to someone and talk.

Unexpectedly, when you aren’t looking for it,
Something or someone will make you smile.
Rekindle that fire of hope in your heart.
You will find the love and acceptance,
You were looking for on the outside,
In the most unexpected place,
You never searched,
Right within yourself.

Acceptance is love,
Not giving up is love,
Trying is love,
Showing up is love,
Finding a reason to be grateful,
To smile and be at peace,
It is an act of love towards yourself.

It is okay to stumble,
It is okay to make mistakes,
Just get back up again.

Do something you like.
Create, write, run.
Sleep, eat, pray, talk.
Do little things that make you happy.
Have a cup of coffee.
Do your hair.
Wear your favorite outfit.
Cut off from the world.
Go for a walk in nature.
Pick up flowers.
Watch the stars and the moon.
Count your blessings.
Dream and make plans.
Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Say thank you to the ones,
Who saw your sky grow dark,
And didn’t walk away.

The most important love in life,
Is the one you hold,
Towards your own self.
Never let it fade away.
Be there for yourself.
For, this too shall pass.

– Himali Shah

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