Don’t commit to goals, commit to systems!


I’ve been a goal-driven person. Most of my goals have been short term. The next job, the next exam, the next promotion, the next vacation, the next book to read, xx$ in my bank account by dd/mm/yy, pay off my debts by dd/mm/yy… You get it, right! While goals are fantastic to have for a sense of direction – I’ve failed to experience true joy, happiness, and fulfillment when I would achieve them. I placed my happiness on a future pedestal and the actual achievement failed to give me the joy I once anticipated at the start.

Goals that are long term, feel daunting. Since the outcome takes months and sometimes years to achieve and I don’t see tangible results day in and day out, I would often give up or lose sight.

After a lot of reading, I’ve come to the conclusion that having goals is okay to have a sense of direction. HOWEVER, one must not make them the be-all and end-all of life. Adopting systems with lead measures is a better indicator of follow-through and persistence. Creating an identity around the new version we have “decided” to become is important. Living mindfully in the present moment rather than running on the autopilot mode is so important!

You are who you choose to be. Building productive habits are the key and practicing them day in and day out is what makes systems. Having elastic habits, making a pre-written implementation intention of action and coping plans increases your probability of sticking with your intentions. Motivation is fleeting. Actions and decisions are the keys to reinforce the new sense of “you” to your subconscious mind and then program it as your default.

Procrastination and laziness are nothing but an act and a defense mechanism to cope up with underlying fears we hold. Just perfecting the art of showing up and getting started is all we need. Our brain tends to exaggerate things we fear or dislike or worry. Stop giving in to the emotions and ACT on your plans, NOW.

You are capable of achieving greatness, if only you decide and act.


2 thoughts on “Don’t commit to goals, commit to systems!

  1. Fear And Apathy Are Both Killers of the Flow
    In Life That Makes it Seem Forevernow Enjoyable
    As We Continue to Increase our Human Potentials;
    And Yes, ‘the Secret’ has little to Do With Goals NOW
    And Everything to Do With the Passion of the Moment
    Without Fear… Laser Focused And Stimulated Calm to Rise Higher
    In All We Do…
    That’s Feelings
    And Senses that
    Only As Practice of
    Life As Art in All We
    Do Will Bring Now And Of course
    No one Can Seek and Find that Flow
    In Feelings and Senses That Light You
    Up And Color You But Only You Now…
    Never Just
    A Cover Of A Book
    Or Even Words of Someone’s
    Else’s Pages only the ‘Atomic Fuel Flow’
    Now That Moves Us continually Higher and
    Never Ends Now but Truly what it is Scientifically
    Speaking as Such is Emotional Regulation Where
    One Gains a Bio-Feed Back Where One Integrates One’s
    Senses too And Manages all The Neurochemicals and
    Neurohormones Within through Bio-feedbacK Now that
    Is Far Away From Words And Much Closer to Our Real
    HeART For as Science Shows Our Emotions And Our
    Senses as a Synergy of Both Fuel All of What We Do
    Before We come up with any Reasons of Thought in
    How We Are Arriving at this Point of Existence in
    How We Feel And Sense Life Basically Spiraling
    Up IN Balance Or Falling Down in Chaos of
    Apathy and Anxiety.. but again no one
    Can give You Words alone to
    Experience this as the
    Journey is all
    the Paths
    of Human Potential
    For Us to Open Up And
    Explore.. When We Seek
    And Find This State of Being
    Goals Mean Nothing at all
    For We are Complete now
    in the Moment of increasing
    Human Potential where all is Enough Eternally Now..
    i spend about 90 Percent of my Waking Hours like this now…
    Before all the Covid19 Mess Probably Closer to 99 Percent…
    i’ve been very close to Zero Percent in my Life too… Just all Apathy
    And or Anxiety.. As Both of Those States of Beings are going nowhere but down..
    Some Studies Show that Average Human Thoughts are 80 Percent Negative now as
    We Naturally Remember Fear Driven Memories whether they are Burning Our Hand
    On A Stove Or A Woman who doesn’t think she is as Beautiful as she should be or
    A Man Who Doesn’t think He is Strong as he should be.. not something folks would
    think about if they really had something to fear and were Literally Facing a Life or
    Death Situation.. never the Less Our Emotions ‘know’ no Different and we suffer
    the same with Illusory or Real Fears now.. it’s kind of Obvious what happens when
    We remove that 80 Percent of Negativity and Replace Our Inner Being With 100 Percent
    Positivity in fact according to what Poetry of the Christian Religion Gives it is ‘The Camel’
    of Negativity of Our Souls Our Minds Moving through the Eye of the Needle of Happiness
    That won’t fit in Until We Get the Positivity up to More than 80 Percent to have any chance at all
    Within now
    doing more than
    We Ever did before
    Effortless Dancing A
    Tightrope or maybe doing
    Auditing for You Since you
    Say You Enjoy doing that Now…
    That’s gonna to be a harder thing to do..
    as generally speaking Mechanical Cognition
    Uses A More Difficult Part of the Mind to Truly
    100 Percent Enjoy what We are doing over
    the Long Term Now Really
    Just a different kind
    Of Flow as some
    Flows are not
    Really Happy..
    Just Without Fear..
    which of course is a merit too…
    But Yeah the Colors of Life are
    endless when that happens too In Flow
    And When We Do Master the Flow.. ‘Autotelic’
    is A Term for that State of Being Where One has
    the Ability to Almost Always Create our Own Happiness
    Within.. ‘Frission’ Is another Term that Describes the Ecstasy
    Of Spiritual Tears Often Described As a Spiritual Skin Orgasm From
    Head to toe.. as it is described as Greater than any Physical Act it is the
    Experience of Pure Heavenly Beauty As Art And yes.. it does bring Tears
    That Are Opposite of Sad..
    Smiles.. Yes that’s a lot to
    Look forward to forever
    Now better yet it’s just
    Greater to Do it Now Effortless
    Dancing and Singing on a Tightrope Now..
    Truly very difficult to understand anything
    i just said unless a person has experienced
    Part of this other Heavenly Realm of Life now..
    i feel You probably have in Your own way now…
    Thanks for Inspiring These Thoughts, Meanings,
    And Purposes That’s An Important Part of The Gift We Bring to Others..:)


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