Compassion over Prejudice

A few days back, I was listening to a QnA lecture where there were questions around biases and prejudice and how to overcome them. I could connect with these, as since some time; I held a lingering sense of resentment for “wrong” done to me. Though I’ve not been outright in my hostility, I did have feelings of prejudice and being judgmental.

What I learnt that human life is synonymous with the the ubiquitous nature of turmoils and struggles . . . And that every person is doing their best to cope up with these. Some people do a better job than others at masking their personal struggles and failures. Hence, it is much difficult to feel empathy or compassion towards the ones who “project” an outward calm. However, it doesn’t exempt them from the general rule of life. No one can preclude events of stress and anxiety from their lives. Every person you meet has a silent story and a struggle behind their smile.

We may not be able to make their troubles go away, but the least we can do is to look at people with compassion, kindness and love. The ones who hurt our heart, also have a heart that’s hurt. They are broken in ways we can never see . . . Those who have wronged us, have also been wronged, have struggled in ways we are unaware of.

The least we can offer is forgiveness and compassion . . .

Redemption for transgression . . .

“…. and when I looked at you, through the eyes of compassion;
all the prejudice, hostility and malice melted away . . .

I saw the ubiquitous struggles in your silent eyes,
hidden behind your smiles . . .

If only i could help you feel better in some ways . . .”

– Himali Shah

(from the deepest corners of my heart)

Love, Sweet Corn & Sweet Potatoes,


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