November 2020 Challenge

Quote for the Day:

Don’t focus on the non existent light at the end of the tunnel . . .

Just focus on the next step!

– Andrew Taylor – Spud Fit 

Karva Chauth 2020 ❤

I had an almost 24 hour DRY FAST – yes, you heard that right: NO food, NO water, NO excuses. Every since I’ve moved countries, I’ve been observing this fast on Karva Chauth. Traditionally, in India, a wife observes this fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of her husband. I personally observe this day of fast for my Future Husband (sounds cliched & dramatic/ filmi, lol). 😉

The hardest part isn’t the NO FOOD, it is the NO WATER. Thankfully, I didn’t have much to do today, hence could rest and catch a nap in the afternoon. 😀 I painted my hand with Hena and dressed up in traditional wear in the evening.

I am a big believer in ALL GOD’s and treat all religions with equal respect. At around 7 PM when the Azaan goes on for prayer time, I prayed to Allah since there isn’t any temple or mandir near where I live! I remember, last year, I had a friend drive down from another city to pick me up and take me to pray at the Gurudwara, and I prayed there and opened my fast with the Prasad and the Langar served there. It is always a beautiful, pure, calm and serene feeling to connect to the Divine through prayers and all the more special when the prayers are for another human, who you haven’t even have met – EVER. On this auspicious day, I pray to the Lord to bestow his blessings upon my soul mate, my husband to be, so we cross our paths and meet one another soon to share this journey of life ❤

My November Challenge:

  • Blog –
  • Gratitude –
  • Eat healthfully –
  • Exercise – (Outdoor walk after days!)
  • Meditation –

Today, I am grateful to the Universe for:

  • WATER. (A 20 hour DRY FAST makes you appreciate these soooo much!)
  • Family & friends who love me
  • AFTERNOON NAP (Gosh.. I was so exhausted today + had super sore arms due to yest’s workout)
  • WFH – I love having a shower at 12 PM 😛 (clearly spoilt!)

Much love, hugs xoxo

7 thoughts on “November 2020 Challenge

  1. Love the Henna Art
    Fasts Not So Much
    But Katrina
    Does Have
    To Remind
    Me to Eat Microwaved
    Over And Over When
    i Am Super Solely
    Souly Focused
    On Art Of
    iN Flow
    As That
    Is Verily
    Always my
    Ever Changing
    Traditional Colors
    Of Religion Loving
    iN Unity
    Yes ALWaYS
    ReMeMBer to
    Play With SMiLinG




    Wild And
    LoVinG Free
    to: Be





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