Life Updates – Move Across The World

Hello Blog Fam(ily),

It has been MONTHS since I’ve been MIA on Decoding Happyness! I’ve missed this space, my safe haven and each of you SO MUCH. There were times I really wanted to be back here and pour my heart out, but I’ve kind of been overwhelmed with one of the biggest moves in my life . . . Moving continents amidst COVID times and relocating to another country 🙂 As exciting as it may sound, this journey has come with its own set of memories, fun and challenges that I’ve cherished along the way. I’m so thrilled to let you’ll know that I’ve moved to North America (to be specific – Toronto, Canada)… yeyyyyy! It’s a 180 degree shift for me especially with the weather I had been so used to ALL MY LIFE – hot and humid.

Also – a big rant: WHY IS THIS NEW WORDPRESS BLOCK LAYOUT SO UNAPPEALING FOR WRITING? Can someone please help me to switch back to the old view to type and post?

I’m so glad to be back here and share my journey, thoughts and musings on life, unfiltered. I’ve shared a little picture from the surprise farewell party my friends hosted for me the night before my flight to Canada 🙂 Anyone would like to take a guess at the flavor of my farewell cake?

Above everything, A BIG THANK YOU, for being here with me all along the way, over all these years, all the transitions, all the cities I’ve lived in, all the countries I called home, YOU MY BLOG FAMILY have always always been there with me. I am so grateful for each beautiful memory I have to cherish because of this platform.

Much Love ❤

40 thoughts on “Life Updates – Move Across The World

  1. Absolutely must! We have our 2nd vaccines in a few weeks so after that, and when patios are back normal (a local pub allows Ray on their patio) … it will be lovely to meet you. Have you been in touch with Prajakta?

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    • Wonderful! So happy to hear about your upcoming 2nd dose. Seems like reopening plans in Ontario are just weeks away… I’ve also been in touch with Prajakta! Just waiting for the lockdown to be lifted to meet her as well. May be we all can do a small bloggers meet up here!

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  2. Hey Himali, congratulations dear lady. Another great step into the unknown but I have no doubt you will spread a smile or two, a hug and a helping hand wherever you go. Be it up close or from the might of a pen.
    Love and light, many blessings and a hug from down under 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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    • Hey Mark! I just checked my “spam” sections of WP comments and found your lovely note! Thank you so much 🙂 I am not sure why your comment was marked as spam… But thank you again for writing back xx 🙂

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      • The comments are disappearing for many on many sites dear lady, I think their spam code is having a hissy fit and doing something odd. And it isn’t just one or two people, their are lots in the same boat.
        And my pleasure dear lady, enjoy the new adventure in a new land, I think it will open a path only the faith in self can give. Enjoy! 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  3. Hello Dearest, It has been so long dear, want to hear from you asap. Life is a roller coaster ride in nature, and that affects me a lot, hence I have to share a lot many things with you.

    Really missing you bahu badhu…🤗

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      • Hii Chikuuuuu!

        Thank you soooooooooooooo much for still being there without a word or text from me.

        But please believe me, my situation since past one year is like:

        કેહવું ઘણું ઘણું છે, બોલી શકાય નહિ
        બોલ્યા વિના એ કહી દે શું એવું ના થાય કઈ

        I just want to thank the invincible team that organizing such a great trekking, where I got you like a very very very special friend. Believe me no one can replace you, buddy…😘 😘 😘

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        • Not just days, but months and years may pass by and we might not have exchanged a word, HOWEVER, when we do speak again, WE WILL ALWAYS PICK UP FROM WHERE WE LEFT 🙂 No complaints whatsoever… After all, that’s what BFFs are for, right?

          I am excited and all ears to listen to everything you have to share. Can’t wait to catch up on a atleast 4-5 hour 😛 long phone call haha 😀

          I too am soooo thankful for Invincible camp for which I got such an awesome besty in my life 🙂 Miss you, dost!

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          • Definitely yaaaar,
            Friendship is not measured by how much time we stay together or meet eachother, yet it is measured by how much time our hearts stay together. And I promise you that it is a lifelong deal that would never break whatsoever benefits or losses will be there in the balance sheet of our life.

            Let’s initiate something that will always keep us together on any online platform. We will surely discuss this in our precious phone call, for which I have been waiting for a long.


  4. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll love it there. As far as the editor? On your admin page, select all posts. Then, at the top left, it should say “add need” with a drop down. Choose “classic editor “. Voila!

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  5. SMiLes only Moved once in my Life to Tallahassee

    to Be Closer to my Father And Go to Private Catholic

    School There For A Year OMG on the Autism Spectrum
    Then And So Overwhelmed Naturally By All That Was in
    The Environment That Was Particularly Challenging then

    As Oh my Gosh the School Was So Much More Advanced
    Than The Little Two Story Elementary School Building Relatively
    Speaking That Also Held My Mother’s High School in Our Small Town
    Just A Walk up the Hill From Our Small Century Old Home DownTown on the River Bank

    Yet of Course Riches

    Living With Nature
    Even though We Didn’t
    Even Have A Black And White
    TV Until We came Back From Our

    Year Stay in Tallahassee And That Two Story
    Building Also Housed The First Junior College i
    Attended Somewhat of a Small Sheltered Life Indeed

    Anyway So far Behind in That Private Catholic School
    in Second Grade The Teachers Did Award me Wittiest
    Child of Second Grade And Haha There Was no Google

    Then i Wasn’t Sure if that Meant Smart or Funny Yet It’s

    True i surely Wasn’t Normal With SMiLes… it Was Hard

    Finding Any Friends Yet by The End of the Year i Did Find

    A Few And it Still Kinda Brings Nostalgic Feelings Tinged

    A Little Bit With Loss Having to Leave Even New Friends

    Yet Joy of Seeing Old Friends Again the Ones Who i Vied

    With At the Top of the Class Before i Went to the More Advanced Place

    Anyway Pleasure Always to Have you on This Side of the World FRiEnD..:)

    i Can’t Access the Classic Editor From The Admin Menu As It Takes me
    Back to that Horrible Block Editor Page Yet As Usual i Found a Work Around
    Kinda Like Second Grade Advanced School Try This Direct Link And Do Know

    it Doesn’t Work For Anyone Else Will Only Take them to A Page that Says the Blog Doesn’t Exist…

    In Your Case You

    May Be Able

    to Access Your

    ‘New Post’ Drop Down

    Box for the Classic Editor

    Through Your Admin Menu

    Yet Just in Case You Can’t This Method Works for me below

    Except of Course it Has my Blog Name in the Space Before ‘WordPress’..:)

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