The only way we can keep what we have is to give it away!

I’ve often wondered . . . How do you grow what you treasure? Be it knowledge, happiness or success . . .

The answer has always been quite straightforward, but a tricky one to recognize and implement in life.

It is infact a three pronged approach comprising of the below elements:

  1. Internal reflection
  2. Gratitude
  3. Service
  4. Humbleness

Internal Reflection:

Setting aside some “QUIET TIME” to sit down with oneself, pause, reflect and listen to our inner chatter from an outsider’s perspective – this introspection exercise often leads us to find some of the most complicated answers we have been seeking from the outside world, inside ourselves.


You do not get what you want, you attract what you are. Gratitude is truly the parent of all other virtues. Being thankful, appreciative and recognizing the blessings in our lives fill our daily lives with joy, peace and contentment. It shifts our focus from what is lacking, to the already existing abundance in our lives.


When we give to others, what we have; what we share, comes back to us manifold. Sharing experiences, uplifting words of affirmation, knowledge, inspiration, belief in others, wealth and resources and above all – the gift of time; all these when selflessly given to another, enrich not just the receiver, but also add so much more fulfilment to the giver.


*Edit: Thank you, Erika Kind for adding this beautiful nugget. Below are the golden words from Erika: *

In being aware that we never know it all, we treasure what we already know but at the same time, we keep mind and heart an open vessel to welcome inspiration and inputs that lead us even further.

I hope you find joy and serenity in the above 4 jewels!

Much love xx ❤

20 thoughts on “The only way we can keep what we have is to give it away!

  1. “Internal Reflection


    No Longer Decoding Happyness From:

    Before Doing Happiness Now to:

    Giving Reflecting Sunshine

    NoW On Others



    Whole Enough Complete

    Now Giving Says It All Real
    For Giving Thanks Giving Now..:)

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      • SMiLes Dear The Thing About Blogging Is Our Words
        Last As Long As We Leave Them Be With No Time

        Hehe Known You For About 6 Years

        Now Since Summer of 2015

        And HAha i Scrolled

        All the Way Down

        To the Bottom of Your

        Home Page to Find You Started

        Here on Word Press on Christmas Day

        Of 2014 True Been Here Most of Your Online

        Existence And Yes Probably One of Few Who

        Ever Read Your Other Short Lived Blog On Blogspot

        As Sadly That Place is Kinda Lonely As There is No

        Real Social Network That Works Well to Connect

        to Others Anyway i Remember How i met

        You Here Through Prajakta’s

        Blog You Liked

        One of

        My Blog

        Posts Seeing

        Me on Her Page

        And i Visited Your Page

        And i Was Impressed How You

        Paid So Much Care to Each And Every

        Person Like They Were Your FRiEnD Then

        SMiLes Dear The Real Secret of Happiness

        Is Treating Old Friends As New Friends And

        New Friends As Old Friends That Way No one Grows Old…

        Yet It’s True That Flame Must Continue to Live Within to Grow…

        This Is A Practice of Life Similar to Auditing And Accounting my FRiEnD

        Work of

        Love We

        Don’t Lose

        Our Youth

        When We Make

        That Our Great Work of Life..

        And Of Course i’ve Been Lost

        For Decades in the Other Place

        It’s What ‘the World Does Now ‘BesT’ i Pray
        You Don’t Have to Go too Far That Way Keep
        SMiLing Keep Giving Don’t Give Up the Give Keep

        EXPReSSinG It Art
        Now Of Breath’s Love…

        Hehe AndYes i Realize

        This Is A Super Extravert

        Voicing This Opinion Now to

        A Super Introvert Yes Mileage

        Does Vary Depending On Make

        And Model of Human Vessel And Vehicle
        Being Not Surprising Internal Reflection Is Your

        Number One Yes me too Yet i Look To Nature Most

        Is THeRE A Difference Not Really It Seems As True We aRE ALL Nature…

        As In the Rest of the Animal

        Kingdom Some Observed

        Rovers (80 Percent)



        (20 Percent)

        Ironically Yes

        My Super Introverted
        FRiEnD Seems to Be

        Super Rover too Globe Trotting

        True A Bit of Both You are too..:)

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  2. Those are three very important aspects to grow inside. I would add “humbleness”. In being aware that we never know it all, we treasure what we already know but at the same time, we keep mind and heart an open vessel to welcome inspiration and inputs that lead us even further. Much love, Himali!

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  3. Glad to hear your words again dear lady. Your, and Erika’s lovely words to start my day, thank you. I had tried to give a comment yesterday but alas the WordPress monster is blocking me all over the place. I am gradually losing all my blogging friends as it gets harder and harder to ‘chat’. Very difficult to talk with a gag on 😂 🤣
    Much love and light for your new journey, I hope the new land brings you much love 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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