आदत | Aadat

आपके प्यार में हम संवरने लगे
देखके आपको हम निखारने लगे…

वो मिल गया, जिसकी हमें कबसे तलाश थी
बेचैन सी इन सांसों में, जन्मों की प्यास थी
जिस्म से रूह में, हम उतरने लगे…

इस कदर आपसे हमको मोहब्बत हुई
टूटके बाजुओं में बिखरने लगे
आपके प्यार में हम संवरने लगे…

– Raaz (2002)

A poem inspired by this song above written by me! 🙂
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A poem: It worries me!


A month back, I jotted down a little poem (after a very very long time) which summarized how I felt then – worried! All nations were shutting down their borders and shelter in place orders were announced everywhere.

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Colors of friendship

Fred – the fighter, the dancer and the one who always smiles 🙂

This post is a special dedication to my dearest blogging pal, Fred 🙂 There was a short poem I had written for Fred, which I wanted to share.

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Keep me closer

Lovein a photograph.jpg

I came across this beautiful song ‘Love in a photograph’ by Ed Sheeran from the movie ‘Me before you’ (suggested as a must watch by a very dear friend) and for the first time when I heard the lyrics very closely, my heart was captivated by the below lines:

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