A big Thank You… And Happy New Year!


Just noticed that Decoding Happyness has crossed the 50K milestone!

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Be Kind

Read this beautiful quote on my friend’s Facebook profile :

“The heart’s capacity to love always exceeds its capacity to hate .

Anger fades in time, genuine affection stays bright forever.”

Be kind_Decoding Happyness.jpg

Long time, No see !

Being away from blogosphere, feels like being away from my friends and family. In this interim time, I have managed to be in touch with my writing and have many thoughts to be shared on this space.

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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award : Blogosphere Diaries


I was Awarded with Very Inspiring Blogger Award by my great friend Mon !! Thanks a lot to her 🙂  I love her site and you will love it, too! She is a wonderful blogger and a sister from a neighboring country.

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