Dreams that steal my sleep !


Some time back I was discussing with a dear friend of mine about how dreams have the power to change lives. True dreams aren’t the ones which we see while asleep, they are the ones that make us forget our hunger and sleep. They lead us to be passionate enough, to make sacrifices for which the world may call one “Crazy” or “Workaholics” !

A few lines from a Bollywood song which give the same message :

Jo tujhe jagaye
Neendein teri udaaye
Khwab hai Sachcha wohi

Neendon mein jo aaye
Jise tu bhool jaaye
Khwab woh sachcha nahin

Angaaron ko jagaaye
Koyalon sa jo gaaye
Khwab hai sachcha wohi

Lehrein jo uthaaye
Paaniyon ko hilaaye
Khwab hai sachche wohi

English Translation of this song is as below :

The one that keeps you awakes and steals your sleep,

That only is a real dream..

The one which you dream while asleep and forget when you wake up,

That is not a real dream..

The one which awakens embers, and which sings like cuckoos,

That alone is a real dream..

One which produces waves, and moves the oceans,

That only is a real dream..

I listen to this song often every time I need some inspiration.

Dreams give us vigor and passion. It is the beauty of risking every cent you have for a dream that nobody sees but you.

Don’t just follow your dreams,


Mesmerizing Mumbai !!


The moon’s playing hide-n-seek with its mates,
The ivory cotton candy clouds,
In the playground of the heavenly skies,
Freckled with over a thousand twinkling stars.

I sit awestruck gazing at the heavens above,
While the frothy waves of the serene ocean,
Hit the rocks with ebbs and tides,
Just a few feet away from my toes is the salty sea.

A cutting chai held in my hand,
A spicy vadapav in the other,
Sitting near the sea face at 2 am,
I am absolutely in love with Mumbai !!

The grand buildings with its amazing architecture,
Historic museums, Art Galleries &  Kala Ghoda,
Imagica & Essel world for kiddos at heart,
Bandstand and Nariman point for the romantic souls,
Master Blaster Sachin’s home with Wankhede pitching,
It’s the home to Bollywood and also the Dalal Street.

Our heroes are the dabbawalas who deliver food “with love”,
Here are empowered & independent working females,
Catching the 9:23 pm Local to cook dinner for their families

This City is frenzied with celebrations for Lal Baug ka Raja,
Throbbing with nightlife and also peaceful walks at Carter Road.

Diversity is the norm here, rather than an exception,
Religion and languages blend into “United Mumbai”,
Tantalizing food to savor your taste buds,
Ranging from Bhagwati’s Pav Bhaji to Muhamad Ali Street till midnight.

From fashion street to High Street Phoenix,
Humid summers & Romantic monsoons,
8:23 am’s crowded locals & JVLR Traffic.
Warm hearted people make even a stranger feel at home.

All distances being “5 minutes walking distance”,
Shopping is always on-the-go in local trains & road side hawkers.

It is the “City of Dreams” which keeps you on your toes.

All this and much more,
Awes me all the time,


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