Seeking a Great Perhaps

Last week reading through John Green’s debut novel ‘Looking for Alaska’ left me pondering over a very important thing – “Seeking a Great Perhaps”. Miles, the protagonist of the novel who is obsessed with last words of great men, leaves his home town to study in a boarding school his father had once studied in. When asked by his parents as to why he wanted to leave, holding a biography of Francois Rabelais, he replies : “Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” That’s why I’m going. So I don’t have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.”

Over quite some time, I have been trying to seek my Great Perhaps and that explains my absence from blogosphere for all these months. There has always been a dream I have carried, but somehow; at some point; something pulled me back from chasing that dream of mine.

Dare to chase your dreams

Over these months, I worked hard and risked it all. I put my self beyond my comfort zone and decided to take the leap of faith. And today, I can say that if there is some secret ingredient  which you need to seek your Great Perhaps; it is that leap of faith and facing your fears heads on ! Taking the first step is difficult. Sometimes impossible. I have been caught up in this dilemma for long. But, I have first hand experienced the magic of risking everything for a dream that only you see !


I can not describe the happiness I feel at the moment, making my debut post for 2016! I have started writing short stories for an e-magazine and I have so many more stories to share here. I’d like to end with a very unique message I recently learnt from a dear friend of mine – “Passion, rather than discipline is the key to success”. I wish you all the very best to embark on your journey for seeking your ‘Great Perhaps’. 

Signing off 2015

“Some goodbyes mark new beginnings.”

As the sun of 2015 sets and the eve of new year 2016 creeps in, I feel fortunate for this year of learning. This year has given me a lot and also snatched away somethings from me, for which I hold no remorse. The biggest thing which I have gained this year is myself. I have come in terms with my fears and discovered my dreams. I have learned to forgive and love unconditionally. I have gracefully evolved and been shaped into the person I am today by the little lessons life has managed to teach me throughout this year. At times, life was unfair; only to teach me how much hope and faith mean in the darkness. At times life gave me pain, only to put me in the shoes of the ones I hurt, so as to make me more kind and compassionate. I have been showered with love, support and encouragement right from my family and friends to my blogging community. I wish to become like a mirror reflecting and giving back much more love, light and peace I have been fortunate to receive.

2016 holds high hopes, dreams and ambitions for me and you. I will pray for your success and happiness as dearly as I do for mine. Keep me in your prayers. Hugs, love and prayers to you 🙂

Signing off 2015 ! Hello 2016 🙂

Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach


Dreams that steal my sleep !


Some time back I was discussing with a dear friend of mine about how dreams have the power to change lives. True dreams aren’t the ones which we see while asleep, they are the ones that make us forget our hunger and sleep. They lead us to be passionate enough, to make sacrifices for which the world may call one “Crazy” or “Workaholics” !

A few lines from a Bollywood song which give the same message :

Jo tujhe jagaye
Neendein teri udaaye
Khwab hai Sachcha wohi

Neendon mein jo aaye
Jise tu bhool jaaye
Khwab woh sachcha nahin

Angaaron ko jagaaye
Koyalon sa jo gaaye
Khwab hai sachcha wohi

Lehrein jo uthaaye
Paaniyon ko hilaaye
Khwab hai sachche wohi

English Translation of this song is as below :

The one that keeps you awakes and steals your sleep,

That only is a real dream..

The one which you dream while asleep and forget when you wake up,

That is not a real dream..

The one which awakens embers, and which sings like cuckoos,

That alone is a real dream..

One which produces waves, and moves the oceans,

That only is a real dream..

I listen to this song often every time I need some inspiration.

Dreams give us vigor and passion. It is the beauty of risking every cent you have for a dream that nobody sees but you.

Don’t just follow your dreams,


A World in My Dream


Take me far away,
Away from the worries,
Of this meddlesome world..

Take me to the lakes,
Where unicorns stop by,
To talk with the quacking ducklings..

Take me somewhere calm and quiet,
Away from the hustled city life,
In green paddy fields,
Where I can lay, gazing at the stars..

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Before Tomorrow Comes, Live Your Dreams


Live it like it’s your last one,
Not like just another day…
They live, they break, they burn,
For you, it’s not the same…

Step up, make a run for it,
Good things in life aren’t easy, are they ?
Light the fire, let it burn,
As wild as it could get..

Love her?… Let her know,
Care enough?.. Let it show…
Untie the shackles, go free from it all,
Let your will pave your way..

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Always Dream On.. Here is WHY ??


“I have a dream…!” Most of us are familiar with these famous words, which became the name for the ten-minute speech calling for racial equality and an end to discrimination by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28, 1963. Maybe the reason that these words still have such a profound impact on so many is because we all have dreams—dreams for our own lives, dreams for our children, dreams for the future—all kinds of dreams. Some of the dreams we secretly hold, we may reason away and set aside as unrealistic notions— But what if our dreams could come true?

Have you ever seen someone without hope, someone who doesn’t have any expectations or any aspirations to move forward and do something different in life..?

Hardly anyone..!

There is immense power in your dreams, your anticipations and in your aspirations to have the world you imagine and to shape your destiny.

Each of us have dreams. Big. Unplugged. Larger than life. So, what is it that sets apart some gems in the world from the rest of the world ?

We always imagine, why someone reaches the heights of success so easily and why others don’t.
Why some people do an altogether different thing that we might not have ever even imagined.

The only answer to almost all questions is a Dream…

A Dream to become someone nobody would have ever imagined.
Dream to live a life no one has ever encountered and a dream to design their destiny with such beauty that reality also gets a fragrance of it.

It is their belief, their determination & their passion to chase their dreams. They dreamed, but with their eyes open. They worked hard to achieve their dreams till their brows ached with sweat. They worked relentlessly, dared to see the world from their vision & choose to stand against the world just because they had belief in their dreams.

Whether you see someone who is selling tea and now the Prime Minister of India, or a women who had almost gone deep down in her family life and again made a come back & carved a history in boxing : Mary Mom, or a person who was selected as a junior policeman at a mere salary of 8000 INR, who is currently the most favorite cricketer of all times MS Dhoni..

The man who started his early career working in a petrol pump in Aden & dreamed to own his own petrol pump, went ahead to build the largest single location refinery in the world. In the words of Dhirubhai Ambani :

“Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater.”

Before Walt Disney built the “Disney empire” he has today & created “Mickey Mouse”, he was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Walt Disney propagated:

Walt disney

No one is born intelligent or born dumb. Life purely depends on how we make choices, how we forecast our destiny, how we want our reality should be and how beautifully we dream the path of our life.

Life is truly, what you dream to be !!

So Dream…
Because a dream can change your life…
Everyone doesn’t get chance…

Dare to Dream and chase your destiny….

Lastly, to conclude with these beautiful lines :

“Jo tujhe jagaye
Neendein teri udaaye
Khwab hai Sachcha wohi

Neendon mein jo aaye
Jise tu bhool jaaye
Khwab woh sachcha nahin.”

Dream On

COURTESY : Co-author Rahul Kamodiya
Thank you Rahul for your wonderful words 🙂