उड़ा चला जाये रे (With English Translation)

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Inspired from a beautiful Bollywood song   ‘Monta Re’ 

उड़ा चला जाये रे

स्याही से रंगे
कागज़ के दो पंख लेके
उड़ा चला जाये रे . . .
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ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना (With English Translation)


ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना…

ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना,
आज शाम उसे छूकर जब तुम गुज़रो,
उसके बाल ज़रा मेरी और से सहला देना…
उसके कंधे जो बोज़ से हो दबे,
उन्हें ज़रा मेरी और से हल्का कर देना…

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“Always” : A Short Story

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“Always” was what her diary read.

Holding it so close to his heart, he hugged the words she had written with her favorite red pen. With his watery eyes he had one look at her pen. It was nibbled, as she always did with all her pens. He tried to remember how much he used to love her “chewed” pens back then. Even today he broke down holding her pen and her notebook. Sitting on the floor hugging her words he pecked her pen, the pen which once her beautiful lips had touched. He remembered her lovely face. Eyes that spoke, dimple on her left cheek, and the beautiful mole over her soft lips coupled with her long mesmerizing neck and fragrant hair would drive him crazy to become her Edward Cullen and bite her neck.

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Two Proposals..!!


Six days before Valentines,
Head bowed, bent on one knee,
She knew it was her magical moment.

A moment every girl yearns for,
The memory which lingers across decades,
An electrifying smile, that refuses to spark out !

A proposal was all it took,
To travel to cloud 9 and above,
Perhaps the stars & moon also seemed brighter that night.

Like God put the heavenly rings around its love “Saturn”
He too slipped a ring in her finger,
Connecting right to the heart, drawing a tear from her eyes.

Somehow, in love, everything is insanely right,
Worries of the world lay compressed,
Like the spare tire under the backseat.

Her best friend also “Proposed” her,
For a lifelong friendship,
Without demands & complaints.

Happiness knew no bounds,
She smiled and accepted with a handshake.
Two promises were made.

Some say, Promises are made to be broken,
But they don’t really tell you
How shattered people are left in the aftermath.

Her heart was broken into a million pieces,
When he walked away,
“I loved you, but..” was all he said.

Amidst the watery streets of misery,
She was about to fall, real hard,
But, someone caught her hand.

She turned around hoping it would be him,
It was her “Proposal Friend” who held her,
“But I am with you. ALWAYS..” was all he said.


Love might be a wonderful seven star Titanic,
Friendship might be only an ordinary ship,
But it is the only ship that never sinks !

Happy Valentines week…!!