Airports and Train Stations


I will be off for a couple of days for a short and much-awaited vacation! After the early morning caffeine induced study sessions, I am so looking forward to the relaxing holidays and leisure time with family and friends.

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To me, home isn’t a place; being home is a feeling. I don’t know if I can articulate it perfectly, but home to me is love and warmth. It is the feeling of going back to people who love and care about you and who you can’t wait to see. And it isn’t just the feeling when you’re away from home living in a different city/country and visiting your family. It is in the routine and the mundane everyday.

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Long time, No see !

Being away from blogosphere, feels like being away from my friends and family. In this interim time, I have managed to be in touch with my writing and have many thoughts to be shared on this space.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is


Miles away I went,
Bidding adieu to that bunch of special people,
Saying goodbye was hard,
A tear ran down my cheeks,
I hid it, feigning to be strong & happy..

Miles away I went,
Like a bird that flies away every winter,
Exploring new lands,
I looked behind to find my flock,
Indeed they were lost in the wide sky,
Flying to different lands..

Miles away I went,
Chasing my dreams like never before,
Exploring a whole new world,
Heart filled with wonder,
Dreams lit up my eyes,
I smiled, knowing this is where I want to be..

Miles away I went,
I knew there was no turning back,
New pals I made,
New paths I treaded,
New dreams I saw,
Newness engulfed me like tides in the ocean..

Miles away I went,
A new world I made here,
Right from the very scratch,
A home away from home,
To fill the void that remained incised,
In the corners of my heart..

Miles away I went,
Flying like a free bird,
Roaring like a lion,
Shining like a pearl,
Dreaming like there is no tomorrow,
Painting my life with colours of glee..

Miles away I went,
I saw a child one day,
Holding tight to his mother,
As they drove to his school,
Longing filled me to go back to that time,
When cricket and chocolates were all we cared about..

Miles away I went,
No matter what,
Homecoming I still look forward to,
Family, friends and home,
Just the very thought,
Electrifies my smile a thousand volts..

Because, home is where the heart is..

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