Why being around people you can learn from is so important?

Photo Courtesy: http://www.theaark.co.uk

Flowing river or a stagnant pond? Which one are you? Continue reading

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with surprises

Ever felt too lost, confused and overwhelmed? Too much to say, no words to describe? Not sure who to ask help for and even what to ask for? Well, all you gotta remember is…. Continue reading

Never let the child inside of you ever die

Dear Self,


Never let the little child inside of you ever die. Add wisdom to your thoughts and views, but never let it cease the ever-curious inner child to stop looking at things with awe and wonder. Continue reading


Photo courtesy: A dear friend’s Hibiscus plant 🙂

Indifference is easy, detachment is hard. To be happy with or without – nonetheless – is tricky. It is easy not to expect, but the tough part is to not let the expectations weigh your happyness down. Detachment is like the extra layer of icing on your already pretty and tasty cake – having which, would be delightful; but missing the extra frosting wouldn’t hurt either.

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Struggles, Entitlement & The Ego


A few weeks back, I found myself surrounded by struggle, stress, anxiety and uneventful circumstances. I was complaining about the bitter experiences I had to go through and why weren’t things easy and smooth for me? Continue reading