I wish I could tell…


I wish I could tell him,
That he was like the warm sunshine,
To my perennial winters..

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Reflection of My Soul…

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No longer do I speak to you,
No longer do I meet you..
The last time I saw you,
You looked happy and content,
Wrapped in her arms so warm..

Your eyes spoke,
The poignant truths,
Your lips couldn’t whisper in my ears..

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Some places have a million memories etched with ’em,
Nostalgia strikes hard when you revisit them after a long time.

What you miss is the people behind the memories of that place,
Each smile and fight is so vividly clear,
You crave to go back to that time once again !

Carefree college days,
Where classes were bunked without a thought,
In the corporate world today,
Even a half day requires such strategic execution.

Days then where we’d meet and plan where to hang out,
And days now where we need to plan for months to meet up.

Playing FLAMES on the last benches of class,
Keeping awake all night to copy assignments,
Scribbling names on the college benches,
And talking in parking for hours !

Now, we’re living a journey where no destination is enough..
Friends scattered around the globe like marbles on the floor,
The innocent care and affection I miss like never before !

After so many years,
A long drive with a long lost friend,
A stroll talking about the essence of life,
Bonding over brownies & chatting like there’s no end,
Memories relived again with friends are such a bliss !

Friends people call them,
They are my family I choose.