A letter to my future lover’s parents


Dear Mom & Dad,

I think I can begin my letter addressing you two as my mom and dad, because the gratitude and love I feel towards my parents, I echo the same for you both.

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What is meant for you, will not pass by


Dear Universe,

9th Nov., 2018 | 8:38 PM

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Diary Writing . . . Dear God . . .

Most recent entry in my diary 🙂

I have always been a fan of writing, but there is something; which I discovered a few months back that has brought serenity and tranquility to my life. Continue reading

A letter to my niece – Niva

Dear Niva,

Hello my little angel, how are you ? I know you can’t read as of yet, someday when you grow up; I wish you find and read this letter.


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An Open Letter to Santa this Christmas Season . . .

Dear Santa Letter Writing Kit 5.jpg

Dear Santa,

I know they might call me silly, but I know you exist. I have always believed in magic and hence I do STILL believe in you. I wrote this letter to you, 2 years back; but somehow just hid it in the rustiest corner of my closet. Today, I take the courage to write this letter to you openly, without any fear of being judged.

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Life, You are UNFAIR ! :) :)

I just updated this blog post. There were a few setbacks amidst the past few weeks which made me sad and bitter and angry as well. My faith and patience were dwindling. And then I penned the below post. But what happened post that, is the best part.

Some of my friends read it and they did their best to cheer me up. Right from philosophies of life to jokes and the other side of the coin they tried to share with me. Thanks to this motivational boost, I again counted upon the blessings in life and once again thanked God for the friends who stood by me even when I hit the ground.

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