Wordless Wednesdays : Butterflies <3


We are all butterflies of the almighty. We start off as caterpillars. Unaware of our potentials ! Not knowing of the beautiful wings that are yet to unfold. And then, slowly and gradually, we morph; into beautiful, colorful and graceful butterflies, spreading love and happiness wherever they sit, even for a moment. Continue reading

Do What You Love !

My quote in painting :)
My quote in painting 🙂

Do what you love. Not because you are the best at it. Not because someone likes it. Do what you love. But don’t do it ‘Because’. Let your love for it be the motivation. Continue reading

Hello Monsoon !!

Monsoon, The Season of Love <3
Monsoon, The Season of Love ❤

Hello Monsoon,
The season of love,
The reason to fall in love..

Droplets of rain,
And colourful rainbows,
Like manna from heaven,
Descend on earth..

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Two To The World : Wordless Wednesdays

Love : A Watercolor Painting <3
                             Love : A Watercolor Painting ❤

Two to the world,
Disguised they were,
None but them knew. .

They were in fact,
One unified soul,
Residing in two bodies. .

He would be hurt,
And she would bleed,
Her sorrows,
Streamed from his eyes. .

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Into The Wild : Wordless Wednesdays

Into the wild : A place in my Dreams
Into the wild : A place in my Dreams ❤

I walked aimless into the woods so deep,
Where the sky was hidden beneath the bushes..

Red, green, pink and yellow,
An electric fusion it was..

I stood there awestruck by its beauty,
I looked up, the branches pierced the sun,

My gaze lingered around far and wide,
Two birdies on a tree, singing a love melody..

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Best Things in Life Happen Unplanned


The best things in life,
Are neither planned nor known,
They just happen unknown..

In the blink of an eye,
Your world might change,
Although it would sound so strange !!

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My Experiment with Colors : Wordless Wednesdays !!

“Sometimes in order to have peace, love, and happiness there must be war, hate, and sadness. To see the sunrise, you need to see the dark nights. To enjoy the roses, you have to get your finger bruised by its thorns. Life, is neither black, nor white; rather it is a perfect blend, an electric fusion of them.”

– Himali

Nature is the biggest inspiration. The ebbs and tides, the days and night, the hurricane and rains, all show the brighter and the harsh reality of life. I have attempted to capture these thoughts in colors on paper via my painting below :

The finished piece.. :)
The finished piece.. 🙂

Do you like it ?? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂