Happy Thanksgiving Day !!!

Thanks Giving 2015 Himali Decoding Happyness

This Thanksgiving, let us be grateful for all the blessings in life, loved ones, friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving 2015 🙂

Masked Smiles…


You look at my pictures,
Miles away, seeing me smile,
You feel content and delight..

How can you miss to see,
The searching quest in my eyes ?
The mist hid behind the smiling mask ?
The questioning gaze ?
The tiny flames of hope in them ?
And the sparkles of love evergreen ?

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If I Could See the World from Your Lenses


The magnificent little details,
In things so mundane,
I would see,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

The skyscrapers towering the ocean blue sky,
The lilies blossoming in winter,
I would see,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

New places I’d travel across the globe,
Every day for free,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

From angles undefined,
I’d be gazing, the other side of the moon,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

Colors of nature so vivid,
Children dancing in the rain,
My eyes would behold,
If I could see the world from your lenses..

You make my world a bit brighter,
Like the rainbow coloring a gloomy sky,
It is because, I can see, the world from your lenses..

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A World in My Dream


Take me far away,
Away from the worries,
Of this meddlesome world..

Take me to the lakes,
Where unicorns stop by,
To talk with the quacking ducklings..

Take me somewhere calm and quiet,
Away from the hustled city life,
In green paddy fields,
Where I can lay, gazing at the stars..

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Hello Monsoon !!

Monsoon, The Season of Love <3
Monsoon, The Season of Love ❤

Hello Monsoon,
The season of love,
The reason to fall in love..

Droplets of rain,
And colourful rainbows,
Like manna from heaven,
Descend on earth..

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The Enigma Girl


She was a steep rebel,
A hurricane dressed as the wind,
She could sweep you off your feet..

She was an untamed horse,
Running into the wild,
Without any care..

She was the tides in the sea,
On a full moon night,
Fearless she rose higher each time..

She was the pole star on a cloudy night,
Burning with zest within
Appearing as a tiny dot to the world..

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