A throwback to 2008 – We were debating today who looks and is the MOST innocent of us all? 😀

June 2007

There are days, so strongly etched in your memory that you can never forget. That day, was one such day. It was the first day of Grade 11 – a day of new beginnings, making new friends and opening new chapters in the textbook of life. It was the day I met them, the RDS to my H! 

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What it means to be a friend . . .

Have you ever had a friend you always admired ? I have had the privilege of knowing some such wonderful people who amaze me with their love and kindness.
Often, we put ourselves on the line for our best friends.
How rare it is to find someone who is just a ‘friend’; not they or you being their ‘best friend’ but they do something for you so special that it finds a forever unforgettable place in your heart. 

I studied in an all girls convent high school since my kindergarten right up to grade 12. So, technically I know Kay for over 20 years ! We became friends in grade 8. She was one of the sweetest, coolest and kindest person I knew. Someone I aspired to be like. Super creative, talented and so expressive. Till grade 10, our roll numbers in class were consecutive as we shared the same surname. She and I were partners in crime and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that we troubled all our high school teachers beyond possible limits. Post grade 10, she moved to science stream and changed schools. We kept in touch nonetheless.

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Some places have a million memories etched with ’em,
Nostalgia strikes hard when you revisit them after a long time.

What you miss is the people behind the memories of that place,
Each smile and fight is so vividly clear,
You crave to go back to that time once again !

Carefree college days,
Where classes were bunked without a thought,
In the corporate world today,
Even a half day requires such strategic execution.

Days then where we’d meet and plan where to hang out,
And days now where we need to plan for months to meet up.

Playing FLAMES on the last benches of class,
Keeping awake all night to copy assignments,
Scribbling names on the college benches,
And talking in parking for hours !

Now, we’re living a journey where no destination is enough..
Friends scattered around the globe like marbles on the floor,
The innocent care and affection I miss like never before !

After so many years,
A long drive with a long lost friend,
A stroll talking about the essence of life,
Bonding over brownies & chatting like there’s no end,
Memories relived again with friends are such a bliss !

Friends people call them,
They are my family I choose.


Happiness – The Kids Way


I came to Ahmedabad today morning around 9 am at railway station. I had my dad waiting for me happily, to take me home and help me with the luggage. On our way back home, I was fretting about the late train and chilly winter breeze in the wee hours of morning. We stopped by a traffic signal. I looked around just to observe and admire the small changes in the city I loved and missed so dearly. 

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