Dear Moon

Photo clicked on my most favorite vacation trip!

I’ve already looked at the empty night skies,
At least a 100 times by now…

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Flowers of Love


Day and night he toiled,
Much before the sunrise,
His day would begin..

Minutes before midnight,
As the cool breeze wiped away,
The sweat on his brow,
He retired home..

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ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना (With English Translation)


ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना…

ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना,
आज शाम उसे छूकर जब तुम गुज़रो,
उसके बाल ज़रा मेरी और से सहला देना…
उसके कंधे जो बोज़ से हो दबे,
उन्हें ज़रा मेरी और से हल्का कर देना…

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Hello Monsoon !!

Monsoon, The Season of Love <3
Monsoon, The Season of Love ❤

Hello Monsoon,
The season of love,
The reason to fall in love..

Droplets of rain,
And colourful rainbows,
Like manna from heaven,
Descend on earth..

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Two To The World : Wordless Wednesdays

Love : A Watercolor Painting <3
                             Love : A Watercolor Painting ❤

Two to the world,
Disguised they were,
None but them knew. .

They were in fact,
One unified soul,
Residing in two bodies. .

He would be hurt,
And she would bleed,
Her sorrows,
Streamed from his eyes. .

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An Open Letter to My Future Love

An Open Letter to Someone, I will Love more than myself

Place is never important, person is !!
Place is never important, person is !!

Dear Future Love/ Someone present around, I am yet to Discover,

Firstly thank you !!! I know you would tell me that in friendship and love, there should be no Thanks and Sorry; yet I want to express gratitude from the bottom of my heart to you and the Almighty for sending you in my life. I can never thank you enough for the way you saw me, like no one else ever did. The way you looked beneath the worldly shackles of external beauty and choose to see my inner self.

There are so many things I want to tell you, so many things you are yet to know about me, my fears, my tears, my anger, my love, my projected smile, my real smile, about my family, about my hobbies, about the things I love, about my dreams and wishes, the things I value and the things I so badly want.

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